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Tom x Reader: Lost and Found pt 4
Diego walked over to Tom ''re going to need to sleep though it is a long journey back at this time of day and you haven't slept all night'
Tom nodded as he tried not to show his heartbreak and propped himself against the car window falling asleep.
Diego got into the passenger seat and began to text someone. Once it was sent he started the engine of his car looking at Tom.
~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tom was sound asleep when he felt someone nudging his side. He slowly opened his eyes 'Ugh Diego...? Are we back in New York..?' he looked around and blinked.
He chuckled 'Nope...Welcome to California Tom! You slept for nearly a whole day plus i took a short cut here and there'
Tom quirked a brow at him 'Ok so one minute you tell me that __________ doesn't want me in her life and now we are here. Why?'
Diego unbuckled his seat belt 'I had to tell you what she told me otherwise i wouldn't have any defense in bringing you here, now i've told you i cannot get into a lot of troubl
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 4 2
Tony Stark x Reader: Generation Obliteration pt 4
You scowled at him 'You're meant to be dead...'
A smirk graced his face as he stroked your cheek 'and you my dear are not meant to be a problem according to Agent Stane but look at what you have become, my problem'
You snapped your head out of his grip 'don't touch me you creep' you spat at his feet which in turn resulted in his hand being around your throat as he cut you off your chains and threw you against the wall.
You grimaced but got up within seconds and swung a kick which landed square in his face but another set of hands grabbed your waist and pulled you back keeping you against them. You winced as you tried to turn your head to see ...LOKI?! He was holding you yet he was also walking towards you. You remembered Thor talking about his clones and assumed it was one of them.
'Stane warned me about your fiery temper' he rubbed his jaw and smirked 'i like you ______ you have spirit'
You struggled and fought against the clone holding you but days of refusing to eat has taken its to
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 14 3
Tom x Reader: Lost and Found pt 3
Stepping off of his flight, Tom suddenly felt very small as he looked around at New York City. As far as his resources had told him, you were somewhere in this massive city that towered around him. Sighing, he walked through customs and baggage claim before hailing a taxi towards a diner where your best friend worked. He knew if he had any hope in hell in finding you then Diego would be a brilliant start.
''I hope she's still here...'' he thought as he settled himself down in the yellow taxi.
You were sat finishing your milkshake that Diego had given you. ''How did the audition go then D?'' you looked at your best friend who was currently prancing around the empty diner grinning. He almost knocked you out of your seat laughing.
'It was great! The band got the gig! it's in two weeks from now on Saturday night down in Blue Rock cafe' being your best friend he had no respect for personal boundaries. Literally none, he just took your drink and finished it off for you
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 4 0
Bucky Barnes x Reader: Reversal.
Bucky Barnes never thought that this would happen to him. He never thought that he would be the one to help someone else gain their memory back. He never thought that one day, the girl that meant the most to him, would have no idea who he was..
A debate over one of the possible assassinations that Bucky had carried out as the winter soldier soon got out of hand, naturally it was the fault of Tony Stark.
‘’ What? I’m just saying’’ he rested back in his chair.
‘’ Well for once stop just saying!’’ ______ stood from her chair and rushed out of the tower after Bucky.
Bucky had his hands shoved into his pockets and was walking along at a fast pace. He never enjoyed talking about the things he had done and the remarks from Stark had only made him feel worse about himself.
‘’Bucky!’’ ______ wrapped her coat around her as she ran after the soldier.
He had heard her, but he wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. &
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 32 6
Tony Stark x Reader: Generation Obliteration Pt 3
Tony sat in the chair as the avengers paced around.
'Who would take _______? all of SHIELD's enemies are terrified of her ' the super soldier pondered as he paced back and forth.
'Tony, are you sure there wasn't any clues there?' asked Bruce as he sat opposite him.
'Yes!NO! oh i don't know i was in such a panic i didn't look properly' he sighed running a hand through his hair.
'We should go back there and look again y'know' said Barton as he fiddled with the arrow heads in his hands 'Because _________ is worth finding , but who would take her?'
Tony shook his head 'I'm not going back there, that cat stained in blood was enough for me to see. ________'s blood...'
Natasha walked over ' It might not be her blood Stark, that could be our only lead if it's not her blood'
Bruce nodded ' we need to go back and analyse that'
Tony stood up ' I said no! we cannot waste anymore time on that place we need to take action and find ___________! Listen to me god dammit!' Soon the billionare found hims
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 18 6
Tom x Reader: Lost and Found Part 2
You sat on the swing, swinging your legs slightly looking up at the stars. It was the graduation party, you had no date but Tom did. All of your friends were having a great time so you didn't want you be a third wheel, you left and that's how you ended up in the park.
You heard footsteps walk to the swing next to you and you looked in their direction. 'Tom? what are you..? what about your date?'
He sat on the swing and faced the opposite way to you. 'She was vulgar darling, way too two faced for me. Why are you out here? I saw you leave the party'
You smiled 'You guys were having fun and i kinda felt like i was ruining it '
Tom shook his head 'Nothing is ever fun without you ________' he smiled and put his hand in his jacket pocket before pulling a long thin box. 'I know your birthday is on Saturday but i go and visit my dad tomorrow for the weekend so i wanted to give it to you now'
'Tom you didn't have to..' you smiled.
'Nonsense love, now open it' he watched your face eagerly for an
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 16 3
Tom x Reader: Lost and Found Part 1
3 years, 3 years it took for Tom to realise what real love was and now he was losing you.
You and Tom had met on the 2nd week of university when you were both queuing at a coffee stand that was between the two universities. You were minding your own business when two jerks tried to hit on you.
############## Le flashback ########################
' 1 hot chocolate please' you rubbed your hands together as it was a brisk morning in early October.
'Make that 2, this fox can have it on me' the guy next to you winked.
'Uh thanks but no thanks i'll pay for my own' you rolled your eyes at their sad attempts at hitting on you.
'Whoa am i not good enough for you?' the second guy grabbed your drink before you could.
Keeping your patience you replied 'Look i am not interested okay?' you reached out for your drink but they held it out your reach.
'Go out with me first' snickered the first guy
'Kiss me!' the second guy leaned in and your knee met his balls. He writhed around on the floor for a few
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 19 5
Jefferson x Reader
Many months after the chaos in the little town he lived in had finished, Jefferson had his portal back and jump between worlds whenever he felt like it. He mainly went back to the magic lands on weekends because of Grace's education in our world. So, to keep himself going in our world he opened a small shop, not really expecting anyone to notice it.
So it was a surprise when on a cold day in January, you walked through the door.
Rubbing your hands together in a futile attempt to warm them up, you walked further into the shop and looked around at all the unique dresses and clothes. ''Nothing is the'' you thought to yourself and smiles.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when you heard someone clear their throat. Smiling, you approached the man while trying to forget the fact he is gorgeous and began '' Hi, i like your's all so unique it is really incredible''
The man smiled at you putting his hands behind his back ''Thank did you even find this place, n
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 137 20
Tony Stark x Reader: Generation Obliteration Pt 2
Tony walked off stage after re-opening the expo three months after the Hammeroid attacks, he walked over to Happy. ‘’ Any sign of the fire-cracker tonight?’’
Happy sighed and shook his head ‘’ nope no sign of ________ tonight ‘’ Tony nodded and picked up his phone but oddly you did not answer.
‘’ Silent treatment huh? She must still be mad about the fact I forgot she’s an orphan. Looks like im going to have to get her myself’’
~Small time skip~
Tony walked into the apartment with his spare key and looked around ‘’ ________? Are you here sweetcheeks??... Okay she must not be here because I would have been shot for calling her that…’’  the once pure white cat plodded up to Tony and meow’d.
Tony kneeled down and picked it up ‘’ ….. this is blood….’’ Tony stroked the cat then stood up as he began to search the apartment.
Meanwhile in
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 24 2
Tony Stark x Reader: Generation Obliteration Pt 1
It was early on a Saturday morning; the sun was shining through your apartment window in New York. The birds tweeted happily-SHOOT TO THRILL! WAY TO KILL!!. You leaped out of bed and stormed to the kitchen picking up your phone ‘’STARK! I swear to the gummy bear gods if this is another phone call to say ‘Good Morning’ I will come over , dismantle J.A.R.V.I.S and shove him up your—‘’
‘’ Whoa whoa easy tiger’’ came the voice of the billionaire.
‘’Where are you? You sound really crackly’’ while internally you thought ‘’please do not be sick please do not be sick’’ as you went over the horrible memories of having to look after him when he had man flu.
‘’ Actually I’m just coming back from doing a little job and I was wondering if I could come over’’ he sounded almost desperate. Almost.
‘’Uh but…uh…. I’m going to regr
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 28 1
IRON MAN HELMET by DeathnoteChickx IRON MAN HELMET :icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 2 1 Alex Stark ( Oc) by DeathnoteChickx Alex Stark ( Oc) :icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 2 1 The eternal darkness behind temporary light by DeathnoteChickx The eternal darkness behind temporary light :icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 0 1 The Day That Changed Everything.... (OC'S ) by DeathnoteChickx The Day That Changed Everything.... (OC'S ) :icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 0 1
Tony Stark x Reader
Tony looked apologetically at you as he walked back down into his lab. For a while after the extremis incident he kept out of there but it only took a few months for the habit to come  back.
You sighed walking up the tower to the next floor where you sat yourself next to Steve, who was currently trying to catch up with the world via internet. 'Steve can i talk to you about something?' you asked.
Steve looked up from the table he was reading and nodded 'You know you always can _______' you nodded and laid your head sideways on the table looking at the 95 year old.
' I just... Tony is living in the lab again and he refuses to come out. Steve i really think he loves his work and being iron man more than he loves me, i-i...i know that sounds really horrible but i feel like i am the hobby not the girl he loves...hell i don't even think he notices i exist ....'
Meanwhile down in the lab
Tony sighed 'Off Cameras JARVIS' and as always the A.I replied 'Yes sir' as Tony rested his head on h
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 36 1
Tamaki x Reader: The hidden rose (Part 1)
He had not intended to shout at you that day. Over your time at Ouran you and Tamaki had become best friends, but before long Tamaki fell for you and vice versa. Tamaki had devised a plan to tell you that night at the new years party but things did not go to plan....
'' Tamaki i'm moving back to America.....'' you said nervously as you looked out at London's bright lights. Tamaki's face visually dropped as he secretly slid the necklace box back into his pocket.
'What? Why?' he asked with a frown on his gorgeous face. You just shook your head in apology.
'I...I just can't... '.
This was the line that sparked off the massive argument between the both of you. He just snapped.
'I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND! _______!! What on earth is going on with you lately, for the past three months you have been secretive and every time i ask you what is going on you give me the same shitty excuse... i thought we were friends ________. Can't you trust me....' Tamaki expression softened at the last l
:icondeathnotechickx:DeathnoteChickx 91 26


Brain and Brawn Dante x Reader
        Stopping just outside of an old, abandoned castle, which sat at the top of a very steep cliff, Dante turned to you with a confident smirk on his face. “Don't run in head first like last time. I only let you follow me because you wouldn't shut up. So, if you manage to break your legs again, I'm leaving you here as a little snack for whatever shows up.”
Every time you went somewhere with him, he would bring up something stupid you'd done in the past. It didn't matter where you were going or what you were doing either. He just seemed to enjoy annoying you. “When are you going to stop bringing that up? It was forever ago.” “If you hadn't taken hours to finally show up, they wouldn't have been broken in the first place.”
“Right. It had nothing to do with the fact that you didn't wait for me like I told you to.” With a roll of his eyes, he kicked open the warped, ivy covered door, causing small bits of wood to fly th
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 115 4
Wait for Me Dante X Reader
         “Defeating one tiny demon can't be all that hard. Dante just wants all the fame and  glory for himself.” While kicking open the door to the large estate you immediately readied your gun for an attack. Everything seemed calm, not even the dust looked like it had been disturbed. “It figures. This place is so run down, not even demons want to hang out here.” You cockily rested your gun on your shoulder and walked across the room with long confident strides. The ground shook beneath your booted feet. The shock wave was so strong it caused the ornate, glass chandelier above you to fall with an ear shattering crash to the floor below. “That can't be good.” Dante's words were a bit more believable now. The disturbance came  from above, making your next move obvious, find stairs. Less sure now, you walked up the stairs with quiet footsteps. After countless empty rooms, you saw the beast responsible for the tremor.
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 237 19
DMC Seven Minutes in Heaven Dante
        “So, for the next player, I pick you, since you seem really uninterested in playing.” Nero walked up to you, gave you a little bow and took your hand. “Follow me please miss.” He took you to the center of the room where all the different items were spread across a large table. “You see anything you like?”
You looked over the items placed on the table. None of them were necessary appealing to you, but you recognized one of the items very well. A slice of cold peperoni pizza. “How, old is that pizza? Is it still edible?”
“Of course it's edible, pizza's always edible.” Dante walked over to you and held the pizza to your lips. “We can share if you want.” He smiled as you took a bite of the slice. “See I told you it was still good.”
“Alright, guess that means she picked your item, since she's eating it. Let's get you two into the closet.” Nero walked over to the small
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 243 17
Winter Wonderland (Jefferson/Mad HatterXReader)
Humming to yourself you moved about the small cottage preparing dinner for when your love Jefferson arrived home from a days work of portal jumping. When Jefferson did arrive home he took off his hat and brushed the snow off the top and placed it on the arm of the couch before brushing the snow off his shoulders. He smiled when he saw you in the kitchen and went over to you before wrapping his arms around your waist.
"Smells good" He hummed pressing his lips to your neck.
"Go warm up by the fire you're freezing" You said shivering at the coldness of his hands on your stomach. Jefferson chuckled and let you go to go over to the fire you had lit earlier. Once you had dished up the stew you had made you noticed Jefferson had sat the table and was holding out your seat for you. You raised an eyebrow at your lovers action and placed his bowl down before sitting down yourself. Jefferson kissed the top of your head before he took his seat opposite you.
"How was portal jumping?" You asked look
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 130 7
Dirty Thoughts (Charles x Reader)
Dirty Thoughts (Charles x Reader)
Light fluttered between the window blinds, creating faint shadows and figures as they danced along the shelves of books and records. Erik watched the parade of shapes and wisps travel down the numerous bookcases as he walked into the mansion's library. He'd figured that Charles would be here along with the new addition to the school, (y/n); she was a fellow telepath just like Charles and it appeared the two of you hit it off very well since you arrived a few weeks back. In fact, Charles had seemed even happier since you showed up, reverting back to his upbeat personality. He turned the corner when surprise, surprise, he found who he was looking for; Charles and you working on either side of a table nestled in-between the cabinets. He waltzed over to the two of you and pulled up a seat. Charles greeted him with a simple nod while (y/n) remained silent, focusing more so on the papers in front of her. It was then he noticed something seemed a bi
:iconkorealchemist:KOREAlchemist 493 84
Bucky x Reader- Losing your Memory- Songfic!
"Steve! Hurry up and get over here!" you cried concernedly through the phone to Steve.
You were in the room Bucky was in when he got his memory wiped.
Alexander Pierce was about to wipe him AGAIN.
Which meant every single memory Bucky had with you, would soon be forgotten.
And when those memories are forgotten, he won't know who you are.
(Oh, authors note, this is before Alexander Pierce dies unfortunately)
And when Bucky doesn't know who you are, he takes you as a threat.
When taken as a threat, you get hurt.
"Let him go!" you screamed, throwing your cell phone to the ground and tried to get up, but sadly you were tied up.
"(Y/N)? I'm on my way okay? Whatever you do, don't let them wipe his memory!" you heard Steve's voice reply, but it was very faint since you had thrown your cellular device.
~Call all your friends,
Tell them I'm never coming back~
"Bucky! Do something!" you yelled at him, but Bucky was scared and sent into mental shock.
You honestly didn't want to get hurt by your b
:iconestonian-mochi:Estonian-Mochi 144 54
Mature content
Bruce Banner X Reader: Out of Its cage :iconanimekath:animekath 50 10
I can explain Bucky x Reader
a/n,  Art trade with :iconThunderOfShadow: I am so sorry, this was made late but a good friend of mine passed away I'm sorry this came late but I tried my best and yeah, hope this is what you wanted!
"I-I don't understand..."
"Bucky I can explain-"
"Y-You cheated!"
"No I didn't!"
"I saw it with my own eyes!"
"You're just jealous because Yoshi is better than Mario in Mario Kart!"
Bucky groaned, throwing the DS onto the table before slumping in his chair. Recently, Steve had persuaded ____ to help Bucky get to grips of 2014, the time of hashtags, hipster music and white girls obsessed with Starbucks.
Carelessly, Bucky raked his fingers through his Mufasa locks and sighed heavily, he'd never understand the concept of technology ever. He missed it back in his day, where kids were on bikes and men were at war, fighting for their country without any iPhone's or Twitter. ____ slid next to his side, rubbing his shoulder comfortingly.
"Don't worry Buck, you'll get it soon."
"I wo
:iconminxif:Minxif 47 6
Bucky X Reader One-Shot Songfic Titanium
I'am Titanium (Bucky x Reader One-shot (song Fic. Christina Grimmie)
You live a couple months with your boyfriend. The two of you were hiding for Alexander Pierce. Known as a cruel man. And if he finds Bucky, he will wipe out his memory, and use him to fight. You and Bucky didn't want to loose each other. So you kept hiding in a small apartment in Washington. You didn't go out except for food. But when Bucky comes home one day, he is changed.
"I'll be right back (Name), I just gonna get some milk and eggs." Bucky said and he pressed a kiss on your forehead.
"Okay, but just be careful okay? I don't want to loose you." You said and you gave him a hug.
He chuckled and left the house. You grabbed a glass of cola and sat on the couch. "Okay I hope he'll be fine." You thought. Eyes everywhere, and almost nowhere to hide. You put on the tv and selected your favorite movie to watch.
1 Hour Later
Bucky is still nog home, and for milk and eggs you
:iconmelanietjuhx:MelanietjuhX 46 5
Charles X Reader: Bad Nightmares (One-Shot!)
Charles X Reader: Bad Nightmares (One-Shot!)
It hadn’t been long since you had figured out that you could manipulate the elements with your mutant abilities, Charles had been keeping a good eye on you and had been trying his best to help you control your elemental abilities. You were fast asleep in your warm cozy bed at X-Mansion, you were having a wonderful dream but it ended up turning into a horrible nightmare.
All you saw was flames and your friends dying before you, you screamed in horror as you ran through X-Mansion trying to look for survivors. You kept crying for Charles and Erik but all you heard was screams of pain and agony.
“Charles! Erik! Hank! Somebody!” You cried, “What’s going on?” You screamed running downstairs, you suddenly saw Hank’s body dead on the floor, “Oh god…” You whimpered and quickly ran toward Charles room.
“Charles?” You opened the bedroom door of Charles’ room, you saw E
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 351 26
Never Seen Stars by DestinyBlue Never Seen Stars :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 15,367 661
Mr. Grumpy Gills (BuckyxReader)
There is now a sequel to this story: Fish Are Friends. Not Food. (BuckyxReader)
Silence filled the air on a warm, peaceful Friday. Bees buzzed happily through the air as humming birds flitted back and forth. Days like this are few and far between. The calming atmosphere, accentuated by the warmth, and the vision of rolling green hills and beautiful meadows...
~Meanwhile, at Stark Tower.~
“Tony, where is the crescent wrench?”
“Should be on the kitchen counter.”
“Sweet, thanks.” A crash came from the kitchen and Bucky’s eye twitched.
If it wasn’t bad enough that he had to live in the tower with these imbeciles, now he had to listen to them yell across the room to one another.
Seriously, was it so much to ask that they just walk across the room and speak quietly ins
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 551 73
Nope. (AvengersxReader)
“Hey, guys. Check out my new pet.” Tony waltzed into the living room with a giant grin on his face.
Steve and Thor were the only ones to acknowledge him, the others being too busy to put up with Tony’s antics.
For example: Natasha had disassembled her gun and was in the middle of cleaning it, Bruce was reading the newspaper, Clint was flipping through the channels on the T.V., and, last but not least, (y/n) was sitting on the couch engulfed in a book.
Okay maybe they weren’t that busy, but they still didn’t want to put up with Tony. They hoped not acknowledging him would deter him from bothering them.
He sat a bag down in front of (y/n), startling her from her trance.
Well that didn’t work.
She looked curiously from the bag to the triumphant billionaire standing over her. At this point in time, the other Avengers took mild, emphasis on mild, interest in the bag.
“What kind of pet is it?” Steve asked curiously eyeing the container.
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 1,538 566
Bed, Wed, Behead (Avengers X One Shot)
[A/N: There is talk of sex in here, and the word "Fuck" But what do you expect from the game "Fuck, Marry, Kill" (also named "Bed, Wed, Behead")?]
You took your seat in the large circle of couches that had been gathered in the middle of the room in Stark Towers. The other Avengers sat in the seats next to you, Natasha on your right, Steve on your left.
"Alright people," you began, "what game will be playing tonight?" It had become a weekly tradition to play a game with the Avengers. Whether it be a verbal game like Telephone, a physical game like Twister, a digital game on a gaming station like the Wii, or a board game like Monopoly. You held this tradition every week, whether only two of you were able to make it or everyone was. It had become a tradition everyone looked forward to on Wednesday evening.
"I liked the game of twisting we played last week," said the god of thunder in a voice that was a few notches above an inside voice.
"Like you said, we played that last we
:icongracefuljewel:GracefulJewel 676 149
Game Night ( Drunk!Avengers X Reader )
"CAW CAW MOTHERFUCKERS!" Clint yelled as he jumped over the sofa and landed on the coffee table in front of the couch.
Tony gasped and stumbled over his feet in his haste to get Clint for destroying his piece of furniture. "Clint! Do you know how much that cost? Not that I....*hiccup* mind, I'm worth more than all you bitches combined." He said, pointing his empty bottle of whiskey towards everyone in the room.
You roll your eyes, your cheeks were pink from running around after each of the superheroes, trying to calm them down. Tonight was your weekly game night, and Tony had then suggested to try a drinking game while we played. You had to take one shot for each piece of land you got in Monopoly. Everyone, but you, had eagerly agreed.
"I'm over here! I'm over here! No, I'm here!" Loki shouted, different clones of him popping up in different spots around Thor and Natasha. Great, a drunk God of Mischief.
He laughed evilly and popped up right behind Thor, which was in front of 'Tasha. Sh
:iconchloekat77:ChloeKat77 593 341
Hey! Guys im on archive of our own now! I will still put work up on here too but my
Anamnesis series is up on there as well as a few other pieces of work ^_^


Stitchdoll98           <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< thats my name on there



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'How you doin' ~


Hobbies; well drawing, acting, smiling, joking around and generally having fun!

Favourite food: Meatballs and Fahjitas! :iconkermityayplz:

Favourite drink: Dr.Pepper <3

Obsession : :iconlokismileplz: :iconloki-dplz:
religion : :iconmarvelplz: :iconaonoexorcistplz: :icontomhiddlestonsmileplz:

Relationship status: TAKEN (real person guys xD xD )

I have an older sister ( by nearly 9 months ):P :icongetyourcrayon97:

MY TWIN! (Separated at birth, mix up in baby department me thinks ) = :iconlevampiress:

I am :iconseema14: 's Ex butler because I kept forgetting to open doors

YAOI one i can fangirl with :iconbladewithin:

:iconloki-plz: :iconlokiapprovesplz: :iconloki-dplz:

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'being myself is all I will ever need. Wherever life will take me I won't forget who I am and I won't let people change me. My soul is mine. My life is mine. What I think, what I feel, what I do is all my choice.

your life is your choice. You make the path and you choose where to go, if 'destiny' hands you a bad card then shuffle them and make your own card'


People claim we live in a 'free country' where we can be free . But that is a lie, we don't get a choice in any of the major choices that will impact our country do we??

We conform to what society expects from us and I say that us wrong! One day we will wake up and everyone will have lost their Induviduality because they have conformed to what's seen as the normal person.

Be proud of yourself

Be proud of your body

Be proud of your achievements

Be proud of your personality

Be proud of your sexuality

Be proud of your life

Be proud of your talents.

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU ARE A REMARKABLE PERSON!! And feel pity for those who cannot see it .



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