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Your Kyoya's cousin,and you have just moved to Japan from (country). Today was your 5th day at the elite Ouran Highshool and Kyoya asked you to meet him in a room called 'Music room 3'.

Oh right, you didnt know about the host club yet. So at break you met up with your friends and casually chatted.

' Hey _________, how comes your not wearing the girls uniform? Why wear the boys blazer and a black skirt when you could wear a dress??' One of your friends asked.

Your simple answer was ' If i wanted to look like a clown i would join the circus', then all of your friends burst out laughing which caught the attention of two red haired twins on the other side of the grassy area, then your other friends started going crazy.

'Ohmygosh! its Hikaru and Kaoru!!! ahh!' You just stood there thinking what on earth they were talking about...
'Ohmygosh! _____! _____! they are totally looking at you!!!!' Squealed one of your friends. You turned your head towards the twins and realised they were actually looking at you, you just casually sent them a smile and a wave.

Kaoru looked at Hikaru 'Hikaru she just waved at us...'
Hikaru smiles ' you know, i think thats Kyoyas cousin'

'Whats the big deal anyway??? Oh right i was meant to ask you, wheres music room 3?? my cousin asked me to meet him there.' The girls again began to go nuts and it was beginning to annoy you. ' WHATS THE BIG DEAL ITS JUST A ROOM?!'

one of your friends giggled ' its not, its the host club!!! but boys dont go there so why would your cousin ask you ??? wait who is your cousin??'

'oh, hes Kyoya.' Cue many girls screaming and running over to you. Soon you became surrounded by raging fangirls and you were getting crushed.

# hikaru and kaoru#

' we should help her' they said in unison as they looked at you, then you broke free from the crowd and ran for it.

'If we go through there we should catch her before the fangirls do' hikaru pointed to a door that led straight into the path you was running along.

### back to you####

'dont these girls know what 'personal space' means?? i need to get away from them!' you thought as you bolted it down a corridor. Some idiot had left a stack of tables in the way, blocking your escape route and you could hear the fangirls coming.

Hikaru and Kaoru had opened a door at the end of the corridor and were watching you.

Kaoru yelled out 'Quick over here!!!!' You looked over at them, face the fangirls or cute twins?

CUTE TWINS!!! You thought as you took 10 steps back and at full charge you ran towards the tables..

Hikaru and Kaoru gasped ' WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?' they yelled at you.

You smirked as you put your hands on the top of the table pile and flipped over the top of it and ran next to the twins. ' Getting away from them' All they could do was smile at you as they led you to the host club, each of them giving you glances from the corners of their eyes.

'so, i take it you guys must be famous around here or something' you smiled.

Hikaru laughed 'yeah something like that' Kaoru cut in ' hasnt Kyoya told you about the host club?'

You shook your head ' No, he seemed to leave out that detail'

The twins smiled at eachother then you ' then your in for a treat' and thats the last thing they said to you before you entered the host club.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ A few weeks later~~~~~~~~~~~~##

You have now spent every spare minute hanging around the host club or hanging out with the twins, whom you have grown to love, both of them for their induvidual traits and plus the yaoi bonus side of them. And its obivous the twins have falled for you too.

Tonight was the host club beach party! Which was being held for your birthday, which is in summer so they are not insane.

Hikaru and Kaoru burst into the host club and tackle you to the floor and your back hits the floor with a loud thump.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY ______________!!!' they squealed in unison as they squeezed you.

' Guys i cant breathe and Hikaru what the hell do you think your hugging??' You glared, bright red.

Hikaru opened his eyes and noticed he landed in your clevage and he went bright red, all you could do was burst into a fit of giggles then Kaoru joined in the giggling.

'hey hikaru did you think they were pillows??' Kaoru smirked and you completely lost it and was on the floor in seconds scrunched up in a ball giggling badly, then Hikaru walked off with Kaoru running after him.

You say up confused ' was it something i said?'

~~on le awesome balcony of ouran~~~

Hikaru and Kaoru stand next to eachother ' Hikaru you know that glare wasnt a real one'

Hikaru laughed ' no, it seemed real enough to me... what if she doesnt love us back, then what?'

Kaoru sighed 'then i dont know.... what will we do, what if we walk up to her and go, hey _______ we love you just the way you are....'

'and your our souls completed, then what if she turns around and says...'

You cut it ' I love you too. Both of you..'

The twins snap their heads around to look at you and you smiled. ' You two are stupid, of course i love you, would i act that way around you if i didnt?? your really the only people i can be myself make me smile, make me laugh and thats why i love both of you.'  Next thing you knew Hikaru was kissing one cheek while Kaoru kissed the other.

You sighed dramatically ' you two, do i have to do everything?'

Hikaru and Kaoru looked confused ' what did we do wrong?' you lightly grabbed Hikarus chin and kissed him, then did the same for Kaoru  after that you smiled ' you two missed...'

The devious smiles returned to the twins and well lets just say... you were about two hours late for your birthday party that night ;)
okay my beloved twins!!!

I dont own ouran or the twins ( i wish)

i dont own the preview pic either!!!

:iconhikaruandkaoruplz: now if you excuse me i shall go spaz over the epicness of these two :P :P
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*kyoya walks in* . . . you know what, I had one of these moments so Im just not gonna ay anything *walks out* England (Shocked) [V5] wait... WAS THAT ____?
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There needs to be a lemon >:333 I wanna know what happened during those 'two hours'
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"I can tell you're looking at me, I know what you see, any closer and you'll feel the heat.GG. You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me, every look will make it hard to breath." - The Boys, Girls' Generation
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I can just see Hikaru with his face between the boobs lol too funny
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The devious smiles returned to the twins and well lets just say... you were about two hours late for your birthday party that night-
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I know i'm not the author (sorry lol i know you prolly don't care about what I have to say lol) but i was a little shocked at that to and I would have to think well there are two of them soooooo.... double the stamina? idk lol if you find out let me know!
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HAAA. no. a three way.
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Misaki Kamiigusa (Jin Fangirling) [V1] oh my GLOB THAT WAS THE MOST FANTASTIC STORY EVER I GIVE IT 13 CRYING CUTE FANGIRLS OUT OF TEN PINK HORSES DANCING ON RAIN BOW I JUST LOVE IT EEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1] .................I think my heart just stop
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