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August 25, 2012
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That night at the new years festival, was the first time that the masked jonin noticed you, and you took his breath away.

He originally was leaning against a wall reading his icha icha paradise book , while everyone else was having fun.

To be honest he didn't want to come at all, but team kakashi had forced him to come out and have fun for once.

' KAKASHI KAKASHI CMON I WANT YOU TO GET A FRONT ROW SEAT!' Naruto dragged kakashi to the front where sakura, kiba, naruto, ino, shikamaru and kuerenai were all standing.

Kakashi rubbed the bridge of his nose, thinking Naruto set him up for a prank  he asked ' front row seat for what?'

Naruto just grinned like a child, ' to see my best friend, well shes like a big sister to me really!shes the same age as you aswell kakashi, im surprised you  guys haven't met actually.'

It was true, You and Naruto have been friends forever, you were the only one who didn't push him away. You didn't really care that he had the nine-tailed fox inside of him, you felt bad for him, and when you got to know him, you two had become great friends, and in turn, you became like a big sister to the yellow haired ninja.

Kakashi just shrugged and began to read the book again, however thats when the stage went black and the music began to play. And he heard your voice...

##Underneath the city lights
There is a world few know about
Where rules don't apply, no
And you can't keep a good girl down##

He slowly looked up to see you, and two backing dancers on the stage, you in the middle and one either side of you. Your voice was amazing, the outfits were so amazing and the dancing was cool too.

##She going through the club looking for a good time
Gonna make that
Shake that
Money on the dime
Don't need a sugga daddy
She can work it just fine
Up on the table
She'll be dancing all night (hee-eey)##

During the song, you had noticed the silver haired jonin and though ' oh thats the dude Naruto keeps talking about, he is pretty cute i guess' You stretched back and kicked high with your leg and sat on a chair.

##Babydoll just come alive
Under the spotlight
All the girls wanna fall in line##

##We say
Here come the ladies bout to give a little show
Here go the boys we gonna show a little more##

You did some sexy poses not once loosing your vision of the ninja called kakashi.

Naruto smirked and nudged kakashi ' she's pretty good huh?'

Kakashi's mask crinkled and his visible eye shut, showing he smiled ' yes she is, where did you meet her?'

Naruto smiled ' i just met her one day, and im glad i did, she was the first person to really accept me for me, shes always looking out for me too'

###Hit it up, get it up
Wont let you rest
Hit it up, get it up
This is not a test
Hit it up, get it up
Gotta give me your best
So get your ass up
Show me how you burlesque##

You span around and danced intime with your dancers as you sang, you saw naruto chatting to Kakashi, ' if hes saying anything embarrising hes so dead' you thought to yourself.

Kakashi noticed you looking and flashed you a quick smile, causing you to blush. Naruto nudged kakashi, ' kakashi this is the best part! i've heard her rehearse and i was just... wow!'

Kakashi didn't full understand naruto, but what he did understand that he was going to meet you, because he really really wanted to. Then a thought struck him ' Hey naruto, is she a ?'

Naruto nodded ' yup shes a jonin just like you!! unfortunatly everytime they've been on a mission we were here and everytime we were on a mission they were here, bad luck i guess hhaha WHOOO!' Naruto cheered you on.

~~~Ok girls, lets show how it's done
It ain't over till we say
And we've only just began~~~~~~

You smirked and walked to the front of the stage now. ' time to show him what im made of whoo  lets just hope it doesnt fail' you thought to yourself, you bounced up and down with the backing dancers to get everyone moving. And as if by magic, they all began to dance!

##Lemme' hear you say
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Say yeaah, yeah yeah yeah
Say yeah yeah yeaah
Say yeaah yeah yeah!##

Kakashi had a sharp intake of breath, as you just took his breath away from him.

##Hit it up, get it up
Won't let you rest
Hit it up, get it up
This is not a test
Hit it up, get it up
Gotta give me your best
So get your ass up
Show me how you burlesque###

At the end of the song all three of you on the stage finished sitting on chairs with your backs to the audience.  The only thought running through your mind was ' i have to meet Kakashi...'

Naruto dragged his former teacher ' cmon lets go see her!!'

Poor you and Poor kakashi, if only you saw Naruto was playing cupid again.  Kakashi usually would dissapear, but this is something he really wanted to do.


After Naruto had practially forced the meeting between you two last year, you guys had became fast friends and you had got yourself transferred to team Kakashi.

It was late at night and yourself and kakashi were training, well you were, now you two are play fighting like little kids.

But thats the funny thing, when your together thats the side you bring out in eachother.

' aww whats wrong the  great copy ninja just looked like he got mugged' You stood on the edge of a small lake holding up his make-out paradise book.

Kakashi stood up, ' yeah, i got mugged, by you!' he grins and tackles you both into the water, you climb back out onto the side and laugh. Kakashi surfaces and laughs holding up his book.

' YOINK!' you grinned like a kid, grabbing the book again and shoving him back in the water and you ran along branches
'HEY!' he laughed and chased after you, he smirked as you had jumped to the top of a hill and there was no trees.

He tackled you to the floor making you two roll down the hill, he landed underneath you and you landed ontop of him facing him, the way you were made you blush.

Kakashi smiled and played with a strand of your hair, twisting it then putting it behind your ear.  He slowly pulled down his mask, and your heart skipped a beat. For the first time, he had showed you his face, out of all the times you begged him he refused to, so why now.

He slowly leaned in and kissed you. Well there was your answer, Blushing like crazy you pulled away and he smirked.

' ____________, i love you...' you frowned, his face dropped then you giggled.

' Joking dude, i love you too' you smiled and kissed him back then you heard a camera go off.

' KAKASHI SENSEI AND ________! ARE TOGETHER BELIEVE IT!' Naruto ran off with the camera.

' hey kakashi, wanna play catch the yellow haired ninja?' He smirked as you both stood up.

' yeah.. GO!' You both sped after naruto. After several attempts you had managed to keep naruto on the floor with your foot and kakashi destroyed the camera...

You gotta admit, you had to thank naruto one day for forcing the meeting :)
sorry its so late but this was a request from Worldpeaceismine,

now my arm is better i can do more too

this is teh song from the first bit [link]

and this is teh song for the bit where you and kakashi are playing :D :D [link]

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