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Kyoya couldn't really understand you, for a start your mischief levels excelled Hikaru and Kaorus' ; you refused to wear the girls uniform of the yellow dress and instead wore the boys' uniform; your intelligent, cheeky and finally he couldn't understand how the twins could have a cousin that beautiful.

Then again with all the pranks you were pulling alongside the twins he could believe that somehow the three of you were related.

Ever since your cousins introduced you to the host club prank after prank ensued, and you made a certain host with glasses feel things he's not really felt before.

Today was no different, and Kyoya was expecting another prank since one was long over due.

However a prank was not what he received. 'What is it?' Kyoya asked the twins halfheartedly, when he looked up from the note-book the twins had an unusually sad look on their faces.
'Let me guess ______ beat you to school this morning and booby-trapped your lockers' returning to his notebook the twins began talking.

Nothing they said interested him until a particular phrase left the twins '______ is leaving Ouran...'

' What do you mean?' trying to not show any emotion Kyoya slid his glasses up his nose 'What do you mean _________ is leaving Ouran?'

Hikaru nodded ' exactly that, she is leaving Ouran and going back to (Country)' Kyoya laid  his notebook down causing Tamaki to gasp dramatically, with Kyoya calling Tamaki a moron and Tamaki going into his emo corner Kyoya continued 'Do you know why _______ is leaving?'

The twins nodded their head and said in unison 'She needs to tell you herself though' and with that they made a swift exit before Kyoya could do his scary face.

As if on cue you walked in seeming quite happy as Honey bounded over greeting you with his beloved USA-Chan and Mori doing his usual 'Mm' as a hello. You sensed someone glaring at the back of your head and no doubt, you were right. As you turned your head you spotted Kyoya glaring through his glasses.

With a slight giggle ' Can i help you Kyoya?'

Kyoya let out a slow sarcastic laugh that sounded like Satan on a good day 'yes you can, when exactly were you going to tell us you were leaving Ouran and Japan ________?!' his glare intensified, your face dropped.

'Kyoya the twins were not meant to say anything until the tickets showed up!' Sighing you ran a hand through your hair and continued ' its only going to be for 6 months, i need to go back home family stuff is going on and well work stuff.... i cant really tell you about the work stuff you know...  but it really isn't a big deal...'

The usually calm host raised from his seat ' NOT A BIG DEAL?! were you just gonna come in on the day and go 'oh yeah i am leaving Japan see ya!?!?! WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL US?!'

Your patience beginning to wear thin your remarked ' I told you! as soon as the tickets came through!!'

Kyoya scoffed ' oh please stop acting like you care about us here, we dont care for you ________. I especially don't care for some girl that walks in here one day and messes around and messes up our life-styles and our heads! Ouran is better off without you! Guess what i do not need nor want a goodbye, so just up and disappear!'

Controlling your temper, not yelling back or cursing as much as you wanted to you remained calm and simply stated ' well... if that is how you feel...then i shall say my goodbye's now. Bye everyone, except Kyoya. You don't want nor need a goodbye do you?' With that you made your exit from Ouran, your (E/C) eyes damp and your (H/C) hair flowing behind you.

The rest of the hosts stared at Kyoya who was settling back down in his chair and picked up his notebook once more.  He couldn't write anything, for the first time in ages he could not bring himself to record any of the events happened in the host club that day.

His mind was flooded with thoughts ' Why did i say that?! ... why cant i write something in this blasted book?!  6 months, might as well be an eternity...' Kyoya broke the pencil in his hand pressing it against the paper . Sighing and grabbing another pencil he began writing:

' (Date) : ________ Left Ouran High School.'
Request for :iconkuranyuuki100:

Hey ~ it was meant to be one story but i got carried away last night when writing it so its in two parts!

I hope you enjoy the story, its only my second time writing for Ouran

Part two:…

I do not own Ouran HSHC
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I really had fun writing this :D. I go away on Friday so if you have any requests from any of these anime lemme know :D


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