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July 22, 2012
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Running through the forest, you hoped thatyou had finally lost the vampire that you had the mis-fortune of running into.

Looking left and right you stopped and leaned against a tree, catching your breath. Before you could scream there was a hand on your throat holding you against a tree.

' You can move fast chica... not fast enough' He grinned, showing his fangs. You tried to scream but he pressed his hand harder against your throat.
The clouds in the sky moved, revealing the cresent moon. Your eyes widen and so did the vampires.

'___________?!?' He gasped and let go of your throat. You fell to the floor choking for air.

' Antonio! your a-a-a a vampire? But your my best friend why would you try to bite me?' You stood up, not so scared of him anymore. But before you could say anymore he was gone, and you just stood there, dumbfounded. You walked home and went to bed, hoping it was a dream.

~~~~~~~  the next day~~~~~~~~~~~

You walked into school remembering the night before, it was no dream. Antonio did try to bite you and he DID have fangs, but you loved him so you decided to over-look it. Gathering up all your courage, you walked into the class.

Suddenly you were pinned to the wall, yet again by your throat, but this time it was Romano, and he was surrounded by Germany, Kiku, Prussia, France, Britain and America.

' What do you want?' you growled, not exactly pleased about people keep doing this to you.

' Ragazza, you've found out our little secret haven't you?' He smirked showing the very tip of his fangs. He was a vampire too!!

And wait... you looked around at the guys smiling, yup everyone was a vampire.. well you were royally screwed.

' So what?' Romano pressed harder on your throat as his fangs fully emerged. ' Its time to make you one of us..' He leaned in to bite you neck before he could a familiar figure slammed the door open. He ran and tackled Romano to the floor and proceeded to punch him.

' DON'T YOU EVER LAY A FINGER ON _______! GOT IT!! ANY OF YOU!' Spain stood up and looked around at the other vampires as they bowed.

'Yes sir' They all said in unison apart from a sulking romano who has a busted lip.

Spain looked at you with sorrow in those green eyes as he walked over to you.

'__________, do you trust me?' he stroked your cheek and locked eyes with you.

You nodded ' yes...'

Spain proceeded to lean down and you felt two fangs pierce your neck, and you felt the sensation of someone sucking your blood.

After a while, Spain let go of your neck and smiled at you. Your world went black, and Spain caught you.

' Guys lets get her back to the house before she wakes up, after all shes going to have some teething pain'.............

to be continued
Heres my first attempt at a vampire and reader.
i dont own hetalia or the picture of a very hot vampire XD

anyway comment and favv! Thankks
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worriorofdarkness Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Plz do part 2 ASAP 
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love your story, is there gonna be a part 2?
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Ummmm as much as I love vampires I would prefer to be human at least until I married spain that is.
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Please continue this!!!!
sistersofiggy Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
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